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At the time of your birth, the heavens display a map of your life. I interpret and guide you through the mysteries of your destiny. What is clouded will become clear. What is unique and special about you will be revealed. Discover yourself! Find your true passion - your life's purpose. Release your personal power. Susan West can help guide you.

susan’s consultations

I am currently on sabbatical and not taking new clients. Feel free, however, to send me an email.

Each reading includes at least an hour of preparation time before you arrive, your charts and an MP3 file of the readings and a cup of tea if you are in Portland, Oregon. $125 one hour / $225 two hours. Payment by credit/debit, check, or cash (in-person) after each session.

Discover yourself. Find your true passion…your life’s purpose. Release your personal power.

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susan’s biography

Susan grew up in Spokane and Seattle, WA, and now lives in Portland, OR. Susan holds a Masters degree in Human Relations and a Bachelors Degree in English & Education. As a Virgo, Susan found that her natural gift and service to the world was to be an astrologer and lecturer. In addition to her traditional college education, she has studied astrology and the I Ching extensively. She maintains memberships in several Professional Astrological organizations: OAA, ISAR, and AFAN.

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an astrological reading

The word consider is from Latin “considerare” (com+sideris) meaning literally to examine and understand the stars. The word disaster is from the word “dis” meaning against and “aster” meaning star. Literally, to go against the stars.

Through Astrology, I have found my calling. I am lucky to be touched by so many wonderful people as yourself and am grateful for your referrals.

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How I became an Astrologer
It seems life's greatest lessons come from what appears to be life's most difficult challenges. I struggled with breast cancer in 1985 and recovered fully, only to go through a divorce next. I was in a panic. I knew something was wrong in my life. What would I do? I was wary of

Susan West

Certified Astrological Professional


what my clients say about me
  • Thank you for the wonderful astrology reading. You are truly one of the all time great astrologers through out the century. I gained more than I can say from this insightful, deep, learning experience. I hope your business prospers and flourishes in the near and distant future. I called other astrologers and interviewed them and you were the best by far. You see every little thing. You are amazing. I did a reading some years ago and she is pale by comparison. I could listen to you forever. You are very competent.


  • The reading you gave brought such clarity to my life. Especially the realization that my job is to help humanity, but that my life is about more than that, it’s about fun, and enjoyment too. That was something I was struggling with and you brought it to light so clearly. I was shocked at how crystal clear my chart was. You are blessed with a great gift, and I am blessed to have found you.


  • You have helped me to understand the difficult times and see that things are exactly as should be, which allowed me to have the courage to learn what I needed to learn and move on. I now understand there are influences beyond my control which gives me a sense of peace and trust that my life is on track and I don’t have to fix everything. There really is a plan.


  • I realized that I have never told you how much you have helped me. The information you have given me during our appointments has given me the confidence to do things I would never have done in my life.


  • You gave form and substance to life. I had no idea astrology was so
 helpful, based on science and not pulled out of the air. Your consultation was applied and logical. I was a complete skeptic. No more. I want another appointment.


  •  Just want you to know that whenever I talk with you I feel better.  Your sunny, positive attitude and encouragement always lift me up.  And so many times you make a comment, almost offhandedly, that is right on the mark.  It is a revelation to me that is significant.  Have been going over our last chat, studying the chart, books you suggested.  Think of you often and am so grateful to be able to access your help.


I am currently on sabbatical and not accepting new clients this time. Please email me with further questions at the email address in the footer of my website.